Part 1 – Ordinary things can take on great value

Jesus created a history altering movement from ordinary people. This transformation from ordinary to extraordinary is not foreign to us.

Sometimes common things can suddenly take on great value if one of two things happens:

  1. When the common thing is endorsed by someone of consequence. For example, an ordinary two-dollar baseball that you could buy at Walmart is significantly more valuable if it had been signed by Babe Ruth.
  2. When the common thing is part of a greater more valuable whole. For example, a small inexpensive individual car part could be used as a doorstop on its own. But when that part is put in its proper place it can make a Mercedes run again.

The story of the bible and the story of Christianity involves ordinary people who are not very impressive on their own. But when they’ve been endorsed by God and when they fulfill their purpose in the kingdom of God, their lives take on incredible value.

Our passage today is the story of some ordinary guys that suddenly understood their value. Someone of consequence endorsed them and they were suddenly paired with someone very valuable. This series of posts will look at Luke 5:1-11 and the calling of the original unimpressive disciples.

In their story you might find your story.

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