Every leader knows there are disciplines that go along with leadership. Disciplines like personal development, team building, meeting rhythms, and time management. You don’t have scroll leadership twitter very long before you are confronted with the morning routine of the top CEOs, and Elon Musk’s reading list, and the eight reasons every leader needs eight hours of sleep. If you are a pastor or Christian leader, there are also spiritual disciplines that you need to add to your regimen. Prayer, Bible study, sabbath and solitude. These are the obvious center stage disciplines that most leaders are fully aware of. But I want to move from center stage to backstage. What are some behind-the-scenes disciplines, that even though they don’t get the airtime, are just as critical to a leader’s success?

I’ve heard it said that the most important decision you will make every day is where you will spend your energy. Where will you apply your leadership amperage? What problems will you set your mind to. I would suggest you begin with this series of 5 Unexpected Leadership Disciplines. (click to read each discipline)

  1. The Discipline of Surrender
  2. The Discipline of Elimination
  3. The Discipline of Momentum Management
  4. The Discipline of Curiosity
  5. The Discipline of Storytelling

By leaning into these disciplines, I believe you will become a more complete leader.